I have come to the conclusion that change is always around us.  Nothing is constant.  In 17 years of education, I have seen much change.  I have seen people embrace it, deny it, refute it, fight it, and outright defy it.  What make us as people choose how we react?  Is it that it resonates with our core and we find energy in it?  Is it that it rattles our core so deeply that it brings deep anger and resistance.  Does it threaten our own stability?  As a person who aspires to be a change agent, how do I navigate this turbulence and find a path that is constructive to education?    I have come to embrace change through this journey with much introspection, reflection, and guidance.

Change expands our own thinking.   There are beliefs and thoughts that are at our core.  Ideas that remain constant in our brief walk through life.  We are taught values, lifestyles, rhetoric, style, philosophy and we hold these close.  When change comes, we have the ability to choose how we encounter it. We have the incredible opportunity to enhance our world view of education through change.  We can choose to resist change and stifle our view of what is right or wrong or we can embrace change and let it expand our view.    Every ideal holds some sort of value. We can either use it as a destructive force or a force that can move us forward.  We see our own reflection in change.  When we decide to embrace change we push ourselves toward realms that were previously unexplored by our thinking.  It challenges us to think beyond what we ourselves think of right and wrong and puts us in a position that critically questions our beliefs.

I have come to the conclusion that I am most alive in a constant realm of change.  I have reacted in anger, disgust, euphoria, acceptance, and agreement.  In each mood change I have found myself deep in thought.  This has all come because of change.  Change is the constant that for so long I have neglected to covet. The time has come to push myself to somewhere that I at one time did not want to play.  See myself in someplace that I never saw.  Realize that my perception is stronger when I am not comfortable.  This takes some discipline.  It requires me to listen to the story of those who have a different ideal than myself, to empathize with a different belief, to truly listen and feel what change is trying to say.  Change personified. I have a choice to say the temple is toppling over or use it to strengthen my temple walls.

Think about the beliefs that you have embraced young and old.  Think of the beliefs that you have decided to keep dear to you and those you have decided to discard.  The ideas that you once held so dearly to that now have been abandoned.  This is the result of change.  Think of your happiness and the ways of your life that have been enhanced by changing your views.  Change is an awesome agent that will cause you to grow or regress.  Your ability to navigate through change has made you so much stronger.  Whether it be accepting and loving, or refuting and researching reverently to prove your point, change has made you more powerful.

My point is that change will always be a constant.  It is our choice to ignore what change can bring to us or embrace what change can do for us.  Do not deny the power of rattling your own core.  Do not ignore the immensity of belief in the world.  Do not limit yourself to your own mind.

When we remain constant is when we become stagnant.  Education needs change.  Change is what will keep education alive.